Jamarie Testimonial

Jamarie is our only child and can do no wrong in her father’s eyes. She is a very special girl. Sometimes she makes me think she has been here before, similar to the reincarnation. As opposed to receiving orders, my daughter would much rather be giving them. Her favorite song is “BOSSY” by Kelis. I mean what better song could describe my “two” going on “twenty year old”.

Jamarie’s first day at KAULC was really rough for us. But for the most part I felt really confident in this center. The first time I called KAULC I spoke with Mrs. Law-Reid. We were on the phone for at least an hour, due to the fact I had so many questions about the center. She was so patient with me, and definitely reassured me on allowing the center to take care of our pride and joy. I made an appointment to meet with her and check out the center, staff and fellow children. She gave me a tour and introduced Jamarie and myself to everyone. From that point on, I had no need to worry about Jamarie or further rethink my decision of KAULC providing the fun- loving and safe environment Jamarie deserves. As for most new students it took Jamarie a few days to get adjusted, but now I cannot get her to stay at home.”

  • February 17, 2016

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