Enrichment Programs

Levine School of Music

First Music, is Levine’s early childhood & elementary music program has a new look and name. First Music, “Fun, With Purpose.”

Levine Music is often a child’s first experience in music, but we also nurture the overall development of the whole child. Our First Music faculty cultivate a variety of age-appropriate musical activities that foster cognitive, physical, and social skills.

What is Primary Project?

primary-projectPrimary Project is a school-based early intervention, prevention program designed to enhance school related competencies and reduce social, emotional, and school adjustment difficulties for children in pre-kindergarten through third grade. Six core components establish a solid foundation for success in Primary Project:

  1. A focus on young children
  2. Early screening and appropriate selection of children
  3. Use of paraprofessionals in a direct service role
  4. Use of mental health professionals as supervisors, consultants and leaders
  5. Use of ongoing outcome and process evaluation
  6. Integration of Primary Project within the school and community settings

Who is involved?

The Primary Project team (mental health professional and child associates), teachers, administrators, and parents are involved. Children’s Institute, as the developer of this program, pro­vides training, evaluation, clinical, and program consultation.

DC Healthy Futures Program – Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Under OSSE, Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists are assigned centers and work on-site one day per week for a 12-month period.  The Mental Health Specialist works beside the teachers guiding them as they support children as they develop new skills and learn how to manage their emotions and get along with others.

Services for Children and Families:

  • Services to improve social-emotional competence
  • Education about children’s mental health issues
  • Individual child and classroom observations
  • Screening for the early identification of social-emotional concerns
  • Referrals and linkages to community resources and services

Services for Staff/Centers:

  • Support staff with individual child behavior and classroom management
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Training on behavior management techniques and accessing mental health resources
  • Promote staff wellness, team building and provide staff support
  • Consultation on program policies about social-emotional mental health issues

Early Stages DC

The Early Stages office provides a child find field coordinator, who works directly with our program to provide the following support:

  • Checks in with Administration and teachers quarterly to see that ASQ-Developmental Screenings are completed for every child.
  • Provides on-site professional development to staff in these areas:

1. Early Intervention
2. Developmental Milestones
3. Administering the ASQ – Development Screening Tool