Age Groups

Infant Room

Kids Are Us Learning Centers (KAULC) provides a warm, nurturing and interactive home away from home. By having higher standards and a smaller class size, we are able to provide a low ratio and quality one-on-one time. The experiences in the first year of a child’s life are the building blocks for learning and social development. It has been proven that quality interaction between infants and their caregivers’ helps to strengthen developmental skills.

At Kids Are Us Learning Centers, it is our belief that infants need an important balance of activities and self-exploration. Because all children develop at their own pace, it is important to provide a variety of activities and opportunities to discover their environment. All of our rooms implement our Creative Curriculum philosophy.

  • Our infant room is for children ages 6 weeks to approximately 15 months.
  • Infants’ schedules are set by either the infants themselves or the parent’s requests.
  • Monitored separate nap room for infants allows for a peaceful rest time.
  • Each child has a primary caregiver who bonds with them daily.
  • Environment includes: soft lighting, classical music, one-on-one interaction and constant verbal communication between infants and teachers to increase language and brain development.
  • Parents provide diapers, wipes, and crib sheets.
  • To provide consistency for the children, this room is based on full-time enrollment only.
  • 1 to 4 caregiver/infant ratio with only 8 infants’ maximum in the room.
  • Quarterly child assessments and parent/teacher conferences

Toddler Room

First steps, new words, exciting challenges ~ Being a Toddler is a wonderful thing! This is a time when so much positive growth in all areas occurs. At Kids Are Us Learning Centers, we embrace this age and allow our children to embark on many new adventures with our hands to hold and our hearts to enter.

Encouraging children to problem solve, make choices and socialize with peers, strengthens their self-esteem and promotes independence.
Our Toddler Room uses weekly, age appropriate themes to promote language, communication skills, social and emotional growth, along with early cognitive skills and development.

  • The ages in this room range from approximately 15 months to 2-years old.
  • 1 to 4 teacher/child ratio with only 8 children in the room.
  • All children have a primary caregiver, which enables them to establish a bond with that caregiver.
  • KAULC provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch, along with morning and afternoon snacks.
  • The Toddler Room introduces a flexible, yet consistent daily routine, based on Creative Curriculum.
  • The children take naps on their own cots between 12-2:30 pm. Parents are responsible for crib sheets.
  • Quarterly child assessments and parent/teacher conferences

Preschool Room

Being a Preschooler means many new and exciting changes for your child! Exploration of the environment gives way to a heightened understanding of the world around them. Developing vocabulary leads to being able to express oneself better. Though active learning and play are still important factors in their lives, in Preschool the academic focus becomes more evident and clearly defined.

Getting your child ready to attend kindergarten is important to our teachers. Through social interaction and an active learning environment, along with the learning of life skills, children will become more independent and self-confident. Our Preschool curriculum is based on the internationally recognized Creative Curriculum. Ages in the Preschool Room range from 2.5 thru 5 years.

  • 1 to 8 teacher/student ratio
  • The 16 (maximum group size) children are placed in 4 small groups lead by their primary caregiver.
  • The ECC provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch and morning and afternoon snacks.
  • Children nap on their own cots from approximately 12-2:30 p.m. Children who do not nap are given quiet activities to do on their cots during this time.
  • The Preschool Room offers many extracurricular options such as Spanish, Computer Explorers and intergenerational experiences.
  • Quarterly child assessments and parent/teacher conferences