Infants and toddlers have unique cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs. All areas of development are intertwined with developmental changes taking place rapidly. The KAULC program is designed to help the youngest children grow and learn at their own pace through acting upon their environment.

Cuddling, conversation, eye contact, and interaction with a primary caregiver go along with a planned curriculum for language, cognition, sensory exploration, motor development, and social/emotional interactions.

Learning centers are introduced to toddlers providing for the development of independence, feelings of self-worth, and self-assurance.

Our primary goal is to provide infants and toddlers with a safe, nurturing environment encouraging exploration and discovery along with time for listening to music and stories. A wide variety of age-appropriate toys are available to stimulate cognition, social interaction, and large and small muscle control. A soft mat or climbing area where children can interact with each other and staff members also allows children to safely practice rolling, climbing, crawling, jumping, and sitting up or standing. Infants and toddlers will be taken outside daily for play on the playground, or for walks in strollers, weather permitting.