Kids are Us Learning Centers (KAULC) strive to provide an environment where children and their families are safe, enriched and empowered.

Opportunities will be provided to children and their families to

• Build self-esteem
• Enhance strengths
• Stimulate creativity
• Promote self-sufficiency
• To build a community of partnerships

Working in partnership with parents, the Centers operate as an extension of the family and childrearing becomes a collaborative endeavor. Together we can and will shape the future.

Through our play based and developmentally appropriate curriculum, emphasis is placed on learning through play. Play is a child’s job. We realize the importance of discovery, creativity and exploration in a child’s life. We provide our children with opportunities that will enable them to have life time values of integrity, honesty, love and respect. We believe in children! We believe that they should have the opportunity to be cared for in a safe, loving environment that offers laughter, friends, fun, and a chance to experience “childhood” at its best!